Friday, February 12, 2010



With tensions directed from every direction
It’s tedious to be a traffic man,
To be entangled in the web of encumbering thoughts,
Yet, we strain to eschew as much as we can!

It doesn’t wait for approving day to appear,
Ushers in, depriving the comforts of men,
accosting the working brain of impudent or kind,
Devastating and altering the homeostatic state of mind.

People hang and slay themselves when confused
by virtue of the tensions they know, albeit.
No cure and no excuses does it entertain,
Ailments, avoidable, but from tensions you can’t quit!

As the most alluring roses bear thorns
to curb the actions of those who touch it,
so are the people here. There is but none
who, devoid of tensions on this earth are born!

People there, are rewarded and recognized
who concedes the perturbing distress
and rises confidently, with head high to shoulder
the hurdles that obliterates their way to happiness.

Tensions, for optimists are a lesson
Not to keep their tasks pending or undone!
But, for the pessimists, a source of burden,
who deem their tasks impossible, when they can.

Tensions aren’t born but created
By virtue of your immense lethargy,
Nothing is insignificant when it comes to doing
Do it! If you want to be happy!

To have the feel of extreme ecstasy
You can’t quit tensions, you can prevent it
By being rather practical, do what you need to do,
Just don’t let futile tensions hover around you!


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