Thursday, March 25, 2010



It isn’t the prestige that keeps a man alive,
Neither prayers that you chant the whole day,
Not box crammed with a million cents,
But, three meals a day.

Painters spend their lives in portraits,
Dramatists in their fake play,
With a vivid motive of earning,
Three meals a day.

Man awake, guard the whole night,
Forgoing health though for a meager pay,
Just to bestow his families with
Three meals a day.

Destitute vagrants extend their arms on pathway,
Farmers till earth and tend their hay,
Sculptors strive to wear statue the best look
Only to devour, three meals a day.

If three meals’ what men need,
Why affray and violent deed?
What for are the battles fought?
What for are the powers sought?

It doesn’t require a lucrative post,
To make through your way
In earning a simple diet of,
Three meals a day.

Why then people aspire for more?
Confront those impeding their way?
Aren’t these people satiated with,
Three meals a day???

Karma Thukten
24th of March, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Fallen under a tall growing willow,
Wriggled an injured young sparrow
Scared and weary of helpless flappings
Of its tender and undeveloped wings.

Countless birds chirped merrily in the sky,
Leaving the only bird unable to fly,
Injured, bruised and lame
Amid fiery predators in quest of game.

Aside, a stray dog happened to pass by,
Ravenous, obsession in its eye,
Lurking around for fowls to steal,
Dire hungry to feed even on putrid meal.

The dog alights upon the young bird,
With massive teeth ready to tear it apart,
From its massive jaw, filthy saliva drips,
To devour its prey sly dog creeps.

From a bough, then mother-sparrow fall
Pecking hard on the dog’s nozzle,
Terrified, feathers standing at its end
Heart palpitating, it faces the giant.

Afraid too was the mother-sparrow,
Yet an inward force compelled her to go
To save her baby bird so dear
Driven by love so great for her fear.

The love of her was greater than the death,
An inward force fear couldn’t impede,
Dog seemed to have appreciated her gallantry,
Still hungry, the dog left them free!

Karma Thukten
23rd March, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010



The sky is clear tonight,
Bathed in moons’ brilliant rays,
That the heaven wholly lit
Sets dazzled earth ablaze.

Million stars hanging aloft whisper
Filling vacuum with gossips of heavenly bodies,
Enthralling the poor tantalized planets
With their twinkling beauties.

Moon sets out with a boat,
Humming across the clouds, it doth drift,
Halting to repose its massive sphere
at places on rugged earthly rift.

Rescuing the earth from the dark,
When deluded men loses to fake dreams,
Moon cast her royal shadow
Upon blissful winding streams.

Parliament of owls hoot their best songs,
To welcome queen moon tonight,
Who reward with darkness illuminated,
As the complacent moon from the boat alight.

Nocturnal creatures rejoice in triumph,
Dancing as the breeze play pleasant tune,
Clouds fall apart to give way
For the voyage of the Queen Moon.

Early dawn as the sun awakens,
To see mortals in doldrums weep,
Tired stars, planets and Queen Moon
Dimmer their lights and go to sleep

Karma Thukten
22nd of March, 2010