Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Remix of Well known Saying..

Early to bed & Early to rise
Makes a person healthy, wealthy & wise.
Early to bed & late to rise
you miss out your breakfast of tea, omelette and rice.
Early to bed & late to rise
Is a shocking surprise.
Early to rise & late to bed
you need paracetamol to ease your head.
Late to rise & late to bed
Half the neighbours think you're dead.
December 12, 2014

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

12 miles to Kheybeythang

In a magical cauldron, in the heavens,
wizards conjured up miracle for days
adding in mysterious mix of potions,
whipped up this place.

A place with myriad wild flowers,
colloidal clouds drifting on tree tops,
where sparkling brooks meander
along verdant forest crops.

This is a place of immense serenity
interrupted only by faint chimes of cattle bell,
an ecstatic heaven born out of
invisible forces working its enchanting spell.

Rustling leaves play melodious tunes
as dancing breeze on them caress,
a perfect therapy for mortals
beset with societal distress.

Cross breathtaking Phobjikha vales,
away from hamlets far-flung,
greet lasses shying away with timid smile,
We welcome you, to Kheybeythang!

Karma Thukten
24th of July, 2018
Kheybeythang Nature Study Center.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Damn Life!

There are a million ways humans could die of: let's start with the four elements of life- 

1. Earth/soil: you could die being struck by a falling boulder, tremors, avalanche, being buried alive in a tunnel..
2. Water- inundation, tsunami, drowning, ...
3. Fire- torched by house caught in fire, molten metals, volcanic eruption, electrocution...
4. Wind- storm, cyclone, hurricane, being hit by CGI sheets air-borne
There are myriad of diseases-HIV, Rabies, Diabetes, NCDs, cancers...that claim human lives, unabated.
You could die of food choke, sudden cardiac arrest, slain by infuriated boyfriends, alcohol, nicotines, car accidents, commission of suicide, battery, massacre, carnage, suffocation during massive stampede of humans...
And of all those life taking predicaments you triumph over, you would certainly die of senile age-the ultimatum. By all angles, we, humans are bound to die...
It's us(humans) against fiery natural/artificial foes..we should stand united without killing eachother and devising alternatives to stay put and breathing, proliferating love while on Earth. Next time you plot against anyone, think twice of humanly struggles we are going through to remain alive..

.......Karma Thukten Rinpochhe comes with wild thoughts sometimes....

Who is the true employer? Drayang workers or the Drayang Owners?

I know, this could be little sensitive but I thought it should be brought to the limelight deeming every day struggles these so called "Drayang staff" have to go through to accomplish their journey, people call life. After weary hours of dancing and consistently being shoved off when asked for money, what ever the collectibles, they have to offer 50% to the owners at the end of the month. Owners don't pay salary to the dancers, all they do is provide the young dancers the platform to perform. Some may argue that the owners take 50% off the bounty collected in lieu of business tax, rental charges, electric bills and hordes of other bills..which business entity doesn't pay up bills? considering exorbitant and unregulated prices of boozes and stuffs charged, I feel it's only fair to rev up percentile of bucks collected to the dancers who painstakingly earned or have separate allowances for the dancers from the side of owners besides 50% of "requests" gathered by the dancers. If I ain't blatantly blundered, I heard there's incorporation of "PF system" for employees in that kinda sector, is it defunct? with all these points, I come to my question of who the true employer is, owner who plunders certain percentages of monies collected? or the dancers who offers certain share of their earnings?
Note: It is entirely my opinion empathizing our sisters working at the entertainment arena. I may not be cussed, please...