Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The way My Bhutan should be- Through my vision

Quite frankly, I don't follow much of Bhutanese news owing to the nature of duty I perform. You can say I am a Conservation Researcher in a way.

Recently, I have been thinking hard on how restrictive our Bhutanese laws are with public being continually imposed with tyrannical sorta rules. Can we ever be free to express our innermost desires, live the way we always wanted to?

Bhutan has been flaunting her pride on how well managed the country's laws are: Business entities including bars, discotheques and entertainment centres are made to close on time and it is ensured that the boycotted products are on constant scrutiny.

We love it the way public revere those regulations and the way government claims to prioritize public sector development amongst other developmental goals.

My topic of discussion is mostly centred on timing of business centre closure. More than often, I forget to buy certain stuff and the time when I actually remember I find the shops closed. Why don't we have shops that remain open till morning all through the night? In other countries, they have cities that never sleep.

Why does our government restrict shop owners from keeping their business up and running till late night? Is this private sector development priority? Well, leave it to shop owners if they want to sleep and relax.

Instead of juxtaposing upsurge of crime and business centers not closing on time, why don't we invest on better surveillance and beefing up of security services in the country?

I read through statements made by some important people on how the number of entertainment centers and meat shops have augmented in the holy town of Bumthang in the recent times, a plausible remark, indeed! but i am kinda wondering how this should affect the community?

Let's say Bumthang has a population of 500 and 4 entertainment centres. 300 men continually visit those night clubs. Then hypothetically it would be 75 men visiting each of those 5 night clubs.

Now say, a man establishes fifth night club. Then it would be the same 300 men visiting those facilities but with wider range of visiting options this time (60 men in each 5 night clubs). An additional night club won't draw visitors all the way from Thimphu or nearby towns but the same regular visitors. On the contrary, there would be more employment to destitute teenagers vying for means to support their family.

How would it look if there's a way we could go to a shop and get our stuff at any given time in case we forgot to enlist it in our shopping memo earlier??

It's time we rethink on those restrictive provisions.

Note: It's just my opinion and I love my Bhutan, no matter what.