Thursday, November 12, 2009


LBSNAA- An abode of wisdom

Amidst the odds of worn-out buildings,
With air of pride the academy lies,
Adorning the vales upon it stands,
Where congregates young people all wise.

Conducive premises, spick and span
Without the intrusion of any filthy flies,
Here the wise are trained
Upon whose hand the future of India lies!

Every adventure, pragmatic minds embark
Striving to excel, each one tries,
There’s no place for oblivion,
It’s a sanctified abode where no knowledge dies.

A paradise of wisdoms for one to acquire,
Bind and consolidate social ties,
Probationers bound by a thought of oneness
Is a plausible fact not mere surmise!

The time has come and sped past,
Our fame soars as high as the skies,
Pivoted by the academy, see
From the dust, the Great India Rise!

Karma Thukten
12th Nov, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Live in present

The past has sunken
Into the fathomless abyss of time,
From which reminiscences born,
Love once lost, war once won.

The future is but a youthful past,
Gets spent, ages into the past then.
Histories are shared and narrated
Future predicted and conjectured.

The duo is a void vacuum,
Which has either gone or hasn’t come,
Where thoughts only can live, no men,
We dwell in ambiance, the present.

The past deeds could be forgotten,
Future plans, untrustworthy and incredible,
Present endeavors- ocular and appreciated,
Revered and the doer well respected!

Your well-lived present,
An epitome of successful future,
Your past, a talk well done-
Erstwhile hero once lived, now long gone!

Karma thukten

Sunday, November 8, 2009


The other side of beauty

Her looks simulated angels above,
Her eyes much like the Venus star,
No mortals did ever pass by
Without gazing twice at her.

An immaculately maintained physique,
Elegant smile of a modest girl,
Undisputed angel on earth, all consented
She was the most charming of all.

All heart troubled earthly men
Would die to see her pulsating gait
That leave them astounded
The angel being infallibly made!

She had all the startling beauties
That in a lady, a man to adore
Even the most charming roses
Envied the beauty the lady bore.

But she had an indelible flaw
Reciprocated love with despise in lieu
And when of her beauty the world knew
Immense vanity in the lady grew

Every lovers longing for her proposed,
Prince, affluent, each one better
But each time pompous lady denied
They weren’t a match for her!

Days traced the trails of nights
Time sped past sparing no places,
Erstwhile paradigm of beauty looked a crone now
With folds and wrinkles all over her faces.

The gorgeous angel, hideous now
Got no love save for scorn
All spouses lived well save for her
Who on earth was left awfully alone!

Karma thukten

Monday, October 12, 2009


The dusk was creeping, engulfing the town of Dehradun. The setting sun had over wee moments, left trails of its faint pink rays, entangled on colloidal clouds. It was a perfect after glow for those weary passers by who staggered pass on an old-fashioned bicycle after their day in, day out grind along the Saharanpur road.

We were aboard an air conditioned cab, cruising over the rough road from Delhi to Dehradun for our forestry course at Indira Gandhi National Forestry Academy. It was a weary day, traveling for the whole day, firstly via flight, Druk Air (KB 202) and then the cab now. Steamy-warm air impeded the atmosphere outside.

Ugyen Penjor, my only companion, reluctantly sat over the cushion, gazed at me with distaste. A vivid complaint centered over his shriveled face as if to say,'I am feeling homesick, I long to return'.

I felt the same sensation but decided not to exhibit lest I shall aggravate his mood when he was in need of a moral prop.

Really, I was feeling quite nostalgic, going down the abyss of my memory lane and reminiscing over my spent days in Bhutan, a country where joys are computed in totality of whole citizens' emotions and deemed indispensable over the materialistic gain. Trauma at heart seemed to escalate as the trees zoomed past us reminding me of the rich forest cover of my country, a familiar sight.

How I missed the sight of Bhutanese elegance, old men chanting mantras, repenting over their past misdemeanors, those 'Doma' stained teeth, youth in our national outfit, beautifully clad attire of women, the cool breeze and the way Bhutan did look in the dusk, my caring family members, our flag fluttering with pride aloft…..

Outside, it was a complete alien world; wastes dispersed everywhere, dusty road, and numerous noisy vehicles plying incessantly.

A query ushered in my mind, 'My God! How shall I spend whole two years in the country I don't belong to, be deprived of the regular sights I have been used to?'

'Only if I could return to the country I hail from and be a part of those laughing lot, sharing their personal stories of what they did during their carnivals….
I know as the time shall pass by ignorantly, I shall also be there in Bhutan to lay down my sympathy for those who are on alfresco studies far afield, behind the snow capped mountains, away from the land of thunder dragon, and express my 'sorry-feeling' to them.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Estranged lovers

Over the serene azure night,
Under the starry inundated skies,
Aloof, under a bough of a massive tree
Does she search for her lover with those angelic eyes.

With the queen moon on her golden throne
Woven out of her gleaming radiant rays,
The lady waits, leaning against the trunk
For profuse weeks, months and days!

The earth lie soaked in those brilliant beams
Sleeping- silent, tranquil and still, like the lake
But there’s a hope in those glittering eyes
That makes her brisk and wide awake.

Behind endless hills and snow-capped mountains,
In the state of Uttarakhand is he,
The love of her, equally traumatized
And agonized to the extremities one can be.

She might still be waiting persistently,
As the roses bloom, wither and eventually goes
For her never returning love
Under the skies as usual, who knows???

Karma Thukten


To sway the elegant self,

To avert scorching warmth of glow,

Shall the blooming flowers await

The gentle breeze to blow!

To appease unendurable hunger,

For the nourishments to draw,

Shall the famished worms await

The tender shoots to grow!

To liven up crops on dead dry substratum,

The trust the season did embezzle,

Shall the perturbed farmers await

For a blessed heavenly drizzle!

To solace the sight of old weary eyes,

‘ere with life she’s done,

shall the age-crippled mother await

the return of her only son!

To pour out my concealed words within,

To whisper my words close to your ear,

Shall I, anxiously await

For your presence my dear

Karma thutken