Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Live in present

The past has sunken
Into the fathomless abyss of time,
From which reminiscences born,
Love once lost, war once won.

The future is but a youthful past,
Gets spent, ages into the past then.
Histories are shared and narrated
Future predicted and conjectured.

The duo is a void vacuum,
Which has either gone or hasn’t come,
Where thoughts only can live, no men,
We dwell in ambiance, the present.

The past deeds could be forgotten,
Future plans, untrustworthy and incredible,
Present endeavors- ocular and appreciated,
Revered and the doer well respected!

Your well-lived present,
An epitome of successful future,
Your past, a talk well done-
Erstwhile hero once lived, now long gone!

Karma thukten

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