Monday, January 18, 2010


Along the railway tracks of India,
Crossing terrains I cruise with euphoria,
Speculating at wee minutes there I will be
On the heavenly land of my country.

The noise- polluted populous place
Culminated into a splendid voluminous space,
For one to stretch and loiter, tension-free
On the holy land of my country.

Distasteful noise of busy streets pacified,
Chaos and crowds flung far out of sight,
In a gust of relief retreated my worry
As I stepped on the blessed land of my country.

She is an idyllic paradise on earth,
Where not all but fortunates get birth
To uphold and submit to the power of three:
The King, the People and The country.

She is an abode that bestows bliss in totality,
Where ‘humility’ describes citizens’ mentality
Where not on individuals but on ‘we’ lays the scrutiny
She is the serene Bhutan, my country!

Karma Thukten