Thursday, March 25, 2010



It isn’t the prestige that keeps a man alive,
Neither prayers that you chant the whole day,
Not box crammed with a million cents,
But, three meals a day.

Painters spend their lives in portraits,
Dramatists in their fake play,
With a vivid motive of earning,
Three meals a day.

Man awake, guard the whole night,
Forgoing health though for a meager pay,
Just to bestow his families with
Three meals a day.

Destitute vagrants extend their arms on pathway,
Farmers till earth and tend their hay,
Sculptors strive to wear statue the best look
Only to devour, three meals a day.

If three meals’ what men need,
Why affray and violent deed?
What for are the battles fought?
What for are the powers sought?

It doesn’t require a lucrative post,
To make through your way
In earning a simple diet of,
Three meals a day.

Why then people aspire for more?
Confront those impeding their way?
Aren’t these people satiated with,
Three meals a day???

Karma Thukten
24th of March, 2010