Thursday, February 18, 2010


Humans have gone insane and wild,
Such insanity which care not even their child,
The bequest of forefathers they fulfilled not
to deliver an intact nature to the coming lot.

Earth is menaced and ill-treated,
Roses have withered, beautiful glaciers retreated,
Temperature has shot up, earth has got heated,
The trust of Almighty have the mortals cheated!

Copious trees are felled daily,
Which once adorned, now naked lies the valley.
Where has the cool breeze gone?
The tree under whose shade poets sat forlorn?

Where’s the bough upon whose twigs perched the Blue Jay?
The green meadow mob of deer play all day?
The meandering brook that relieved Sambar from heat?
The sedges inside which tiger healed its injured feet?

Hark! The Nightingale chirp melancholic song
‘’ Mercy on us”, for all passers-by drifting along
An innocent request to be disseminated near and far
With sweet and soft tweets, we fail to decipher.

Nature has warned us of our misdemeanour,
With calamities all over, deaths galore
Would be stupid to waste a minute more
To stand and stare wrathful nature roar!

So Swear by the tears in the depth of tigers’ eye,
By the concern of white cranes that flies by,
taking an oath to revive the long lost mirth,
and join hands to save our mother, EARTH!

Karma Thukten
18th of February, 2010