Wednesday, June 23, 2010



Not by the greeting faces of sun-tanned fellows,
Along the highway, by sheer swaying willows
But, immense serenity soaked in the valley
Were we welcomed by the little town of Manali*.

Chilly wind of North escorted us in
Through vales bountiful of fresh floras all green.
Snow clad peaks zeroed in, gleaming white as ever,
As we cruised along, growling winding river.

Picturesque little houses strewn all over
Vales of paradise for enthusiastic nature lover,
Who long to see the glittering glaciers glow,
Listen to the faint jingling of rhythmic wind blow.

Men wrapped in fur overcoats with designed bouquets,
Fumbling hands shoved deep in their pockets,
Wearing wellingtons knee heighted in Manali sold
Do the fortunate mortals rejoice in cold.

Colorful attires and hats adorn the earth,
Men amid delightful weather stroll in mirth
Whistling and singing ditties of spring joys
As graceful young girls walk past the flirty boys!

Majestic Deodar trees on terrains all around,
Tulips growing ubiquitously along the sloping mound
Tinted with flaky white snow
Brings within peace to people dwelling below.

If you hadn’t seen heavenly bliss for ages,
And deem to be one of those lost sages
In quest of tranquility in doldrums albeit,
Visit charming Manali, happiness guaranteed!

Karma Thukten

*Manali is a little exquisite town in Himachal Pradesh