Sunday, October 11, 2009


Estranged lovers

Over the serene azure night,
Under the starry inundated skies,
Aloof, under a bough of a massive tree
Does she search for her lover with those angelic eyes.

With the queen moon on her golden throne
Woven out of her gleaming radiant rays,
The lady waits, leaning against the trunk
For profuse weeks, months and days!

The earth lie soaked in those brilliant beams
Sleeping- silent, tranquil and still, like the lake
But there’s a hope in those glittering eyes
That makes her brisk and wide awake.

Behind endless hills and snow-capped mountains,
In the state of Uttarakhand is he,
The love of her, equally traumatized
And agonized to the extremities one can be.

She might still be waiting persistently,
As the roses bloom, wither and eventually goes
For her never returning love
Under the skies as usual, who knows???

Karma Thukten


To sway the elegant self,

To avert scorching warmth of glow,

Shall the blooming flowers await

The gentle breeze to blow!

To appease unendurable hunger,

For the nourishments to draw,

Shall the famished worms await

The tender shoots to grow!

To liven up crops on dead dry substratum,

The trust the season did embezzle,

Shall the perturbed farmers await

For a blessed heavenly drizzle!

To solace the sight of old weary eyes,

‘ere with life she’s done,

shall the age-crippled mother await

the return of her only son!

To pour out my concealed words within,

To whisper my words close to your ear,

Shall I, anxiously await

For your presence my dear

Karma thutken