Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Didn’t you hold my flabby hand
And lead me through the crowd,
Seating me on your lap
And of my visage laud?

Didn’t you recount tales
Million times told,
Just to lull me into sleep
When I was a year old?

Wasn’t it your tear
From a crestfallen heart,
Incessantly trickling on my cheeks
When your marriage tore apart?

Didn’t you swap your onus
Of being mom and dad
To cater juveniles four,
Whose smiles kept you glad?

Wasn’t it you, who taught me the word, ‘dad’
Which with soft tweets I mumbled,
Hearing which words you wept
Covertly with hands fumbled?

Whenever thorns pricked my soft flesh,
Wasn’t it you, who bore the agony,
Condemning self for not being good
Taking care of me?

No matter how hideous,
Destitute, old or lame
The parents are, their
Children will always love them.

My father, aged are you now,
Vision, weak to see
Your son standing to hold your hand
And walk together as once you did to me.

31ST OF AUGUST, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010

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Flowers fill the fallow farm
As monsoon rain spill,
Morning fresh and weather warm,
Monsoon’s down the hill.

Autumn hails brimful of smiles
Of joyous monsoon rain,
Seeping along thousand miles,
It bickers down the drain.

Sings in delight the monsoon rain
Pattering on my window sill,
“I give the farmers grain
And shower at my will”.

Trees sway in unison
When breeze ascends the valley,
Merry birds chirp in fun
Soaring aloft in rally.

Covertly patrols Sarus Crane,
Mooing buffaloes wallow,
Dipping in monsoon rain
Ponds wide and shallow.

Morning damp and foliage green,
Earth abound with cherries,
When monsoon ushers in
Brings in heavenly bliss!

Floral aroma in the air
With laden pollen dust,
To pray, I shall dare,
Monsoon forever last!

Karma Thukten
3rd of August, 2010


Dimly was the evening lit,
Bleakly shone the moon,
Tick-tick the clock ticked
Seven past the noon.

Staggered forth a thirsty lamb
To where a brook was,
Tiger hid hushed and dumb
Behind the lemon grass.

Alighting beast anon to pounce,
“Spare me”, the lamb cried,
“I weigh lean half an ounce
Won’t appease your appetite”.

“My limbs frail and lean,
Born back the dozen days,
Insipid flesh and belly thin,
Just learnt to graze”.

“How ravenous a tiger is,
Grasses, we munch not,
Predate preys not to please.
To live”, the tiger roared.

“Our food’s hard earned,
Got two cubs to feed,
Empty belly I hunt
We don’t live on tumble-weed”.

“Labyrinth-nature plays,
Doleful creatures stray.
Foodweb’s a maze,
For long it’ll stay”.

“Feet injured and teeth blunt,
Cubs in me has no faith,
If I don’t hunt,
Won’t they starve to death?”

“If morrow, grasses plead
to feed on huss
Or on a fetid meat,
Would you forgo grass?”

“Devour me”, the lamb bleat,
“My skin for you, friend.
Let your cubs feed
Till I wholly end”.

Karma Thukten
4th Of August, 2010