Friday, August 13, 2010


Flowers fill the fallow farm
As monsoon rain spill,
Morning fresh and weather warm,
Monsoon’s down the hill.

Autumn hails brimful of smiles
Of joyous monsoon rain,
Seeping along thousand miles,
It bickers down the drain.

Sings in delight the monsoon rain
Pattering on my window sill,
“I give the farmers grain
And shower at my will”.

Trees sway in unison
When breeze ascends the valley,
Merry birds chirp in fun
Soaring aloft in rally.

Covertly patrols Sarus Crane,
Mooing buffaloes wallow,
Dipping in monsoon rain
Ponds wide and shallow.

Morning damp and foliage green,
Earth abound with cherries,
When monsoon ushers in
Brings in heavenly bliss!

Floral aroma in the air
With laden pollen dust,
To pray, I shall dare,
Monsoon forever last!

Karma Thukten
3rd of August, 2010

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