Tuesday, July 31, 2018

12 miles to Kheybeythang

In a magical cauldron, in the heavens,
wizards conjured up miracle for days
adding in mysterious mix of potions,
whipped up this place.

A place with myriad wild flowers,
colloidal clouds drifting on tree tops,
where sparkling brooks meander
along verdant forest crops.

This is a place of immense serenity
interrupted only by faint chimes of cattle bell,
an ecstatic heaven born out of
invisible forces working its enchanting spell.

Rustling leaves play melodious tunes
as dancing breeze on them caress,
a perfect therapy for mortals
beset with societal distress.

Cross breathtaking Phobjikha vales,
away from hamlets far-flung,
greet lasses shying away with timid smile,
We welcome you, to Kheybeythang!

Karma Thukten
24th of July, 2018
Kheybeythang Nature Study Center.

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