Thursday, February 11, 2010

BSc. Life Sciences class, Sherubtse College (2006-2008)

BSc. Life Sciences class, Sherubtse College (2006-2008)

As I retreat late night on my bed,
My eyes pondering about the empty space,
Reminiscences usher in my mind
of those bygone college days.

Small class of circa thirty five,
Laughter and giggles of my fellow dear
Is what haunts and faintly jingles
deep, still in my ear.

Sleepy heads juggling amid life and death,
Back benchers engrossed in deeds of distaste,
Few appear meticulous and studious
in their quest of doing the best.

Throughout the year laying in serenity
Striving only at the end for the exams to pass,
Abrupt silence in lieu of the query posed
Were all that used to happen in my class.

Now as I stand in this forest academy,
Abiding by stringent norms befitting an officer
Away from all those blissful life, I pray,
Once again my college days to recur!!!!


Karma Thukten

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