Friday, February 12, 2010


Secret in heart

Sometimes I feel am concealing a word within,
Which finds no way out to flow,
Confined in the walls of my heart has it been laid
being left unheard, unseen and unsaid!

The word turned toxic upon the passage of days
corroding fleshy walls of my fragile heart.
I cursed my diffidence, despite being male,
a simple word of love to my beloved I couldn’t tell!

Heart, akin to thumb drives is limited with memories,
With copious words flung in heart in disarray,
Only imperative ones in the heart remains,
Obsolete forgotten, remembered are only those the heart retains.

Etched in my heart is the lady I adore,
Indelible and impalpable in my heart she dwells
Oblivious that in my heart she is,
Whom I desperately love but couldn’t reveal this!

From a nook do I observe her,
satiating the thirst of seeing her.
How could I ever confide the words I have got
to the rustic lass I adore a lot?

It isn’t humane to let a heart suffer
more even when the reason is self.
Is it the wealth, fame or a person’s wit
that can win the hearts of women to be with?

The weather changed not my love for her,
She guided and taught me to love while in heart,
I bore the agony for years or perhaps more
as for her was my love galore.

She was in my heart and will stay for eternity
though I shall never get my much awaited response.
Love need not be reversible; her hatred won’t make me blue
because I know my love for her is god damn true!


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