Friday, February 12, 2010



Do you love me? Genuinely?’ appeared the query before the screen as I sat chatting on the medium of with a lass of 19, from Philippines. We were online circa three hours ago and we sat there writing about ourselves, she told me that she was a lass of 19, with white facial complexion and 5ft.3” height. She wrote to me that by virtue of immense high charges and tuition fee, she could not pursue her studies and currently she was working in office earning money so that she could continue her studies subsequently. This was how the chat session went amidst us upon recollecting. The first question I posed was

‘What is your sweet name?’
‘Ryza Salazar and yours?’
‘They call me karma, by the way what is your sex?’
‘Girl. Why?
‘Because I am a boy’ I reciprocated.
‘Boy? What are you intimating to say?’
‘I just wanted to cite Coulombs law that the opposite charges attract while like charges repel’.
‘Ha-ha. So sweet of you’ she responded.
‘Do you believe in blind love because I am having that feel when I am chatting with you?’
‘It is hard to love whom we haven’t seen, what do you say?’ she enquired.

Thinking for a while I responded,’umm… I think it is possibly not mandatory to behold a person, whom we adore, just their charming words could instigate your mind to fall in love, and perhaps it’s what all blind love means, isn’t it?’.

After 20 seconds of wait she wrote to me that she too felt that she fell in love with me, albeit she has not seen me.
This made to think that even a foreign girl could be as compatible as any other girls in Bhutan but, an abrupt melancholy ushered in my psyche that great distance lay between us and in spite of the inclination of the mind to meet her, it simply sounded impossible.
I was quite enthusiastic and found my mind making a vague image of the lady I idolized while on line. So I thought, in pursuit of further knowledge why not I enquire her some more questions and so I found my fingers going smoothly over the keyboard

‘Hey, do you know Bhutan, my country?’
‘Where is it? Please elucidate my dear sweet heart’
Astonished by the question a thought ran through my psyche that we are much behind to that extent that the people are even not apprised of the location of Bhutan. So I began to write

‘Sandwiched between two giant countries, china and India lies a small but serene country where people are compatible and dwell as brothers and sisters, that is Bhutan.
Everything is free in Bhutan and that is why I say with immense pride that to be born in Bhutan you need profuse luck’

‘I see, but here in Philippines, everything is costly. I wish I were in your country, sweet heart, will you take me to your country?’ she enquired

‘Of course, what’s your religion?’
‘Am catholic, what about you?’
‘I am a Buddhist ‘
‘I hope that our religion won’t oppose our relationship during wedding’
‘I think there won’t be any contradictions and confusions. Rather than personalizing religion, I believe in pure deeds, that is my religion’ I typed ‘And I think for these reasons religion won’t stand as a barrier in unifying our souls together, my old flame, I will be keeping my fingers crossed for the day we would be separated by zero distance’

‘I deem myself too fortunate in having you as my heartthrob and if God is the one who brought us together, am quite sure that He will as well unify us’ she wrote.
Then I corresponded instantly,’ my dear! Though the musicians die, their music never die, though the poets perish their poems linger and akin to that, though I may give way to ghost, my love for you will never weather and wilt, it will loiter around till time infinitum’

Like in a dream we met and I don’t know what sort of magical spell did she let befall upon me that now I began to feel a unique sensation in my heart, it took me long to comprehend what was within my heart and only after a prolonged thought did I unravel the fact that I was fallen in so called love with the lady I have never beheld and one who reside miles away. Even in the class I talked of her and my mind with its wing of thoughts took me to her.

The very next day she had sent her photo in my mail address, she was alluring, to be frank. I also sent mine as soon as I received hers’.

Love makes our life worth living and I shall never be able to forget her as she was the one to make me realize that fact. In the book of my life, she has become the most elegant page to cherish and I won’t be able to forget her even if I wish to. I always wait for her, no matter as how the public would view my story but I shall wait for that day when we would be together and I know that day isn’t too far.

No wall can be so strong so as to abandon two hearts from unifying, no distance could be so lengthy so as to alienate two loving hearts and this is the thought which never lets me lose hope. I am sure the world is not so vast that I can’t spot her out.

We still exchange mails and talk about love. I am confident that my dreams will prove true, what do you think???


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