Monday, September 7, 2015

I Searched for you

I Searched for you.....

…among the boisterous crowd,
Yelled your name aloud,
Plodded along the sparkling brooks,
Combed all the odd nooks.

Looked even in a mole-hole,
Fiddled with numbers to give you a call,
Looked for you in the garbage pit,
And in a murky room candle-lit.

Spared not, even a trash bin,
Probed inside shredded pods of bean,
Hunted every room of office,
Isn’t it you among Langurs on tree canopies?

I searched for you inside ice-crammed water pipe,
Searched for you on Facebook and Skype,
Interrogated all brunettes and blondes,
I turned all the goddamn stones.

I dived in all the bone chilling rivers,
Hoping to find you among the beavers,
Sauntered along with the foxes,
Opened and tore all the carton boxes.

Where are you, my girl?
Exhausted! I am beginning to fall,
Not fair, come on give me a clue,
Tearing earthly rifts i shall reach you !!!

Karma Thukten
8th January, 2013

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