Monday, December 6, 2010


Clatter of thunder,
Incessant, unabated downpour,
In the dark I was
In partial stupor.

Vision obscure…
Smokes billowing in the graveyard
A wrinkled bloody hand
Crept up through the earth.

Cross rose high,
Tilted and fell apart,
Earth loosened and sank in
As the hand pushed up hard.

Squealing wind ferried
The dead souls’ pine
Throwing chills along
The spine of mine.

Dead rose from the coffin
With hollow chest or a shattered knee,
Lifeless warriors of war
Stampeded towards me.

Nauseating stench in the air,
Eerily silent it got,
Save for the frothy saliva
Gushing through my throat.

Body bathed in cold sweats,
Heart palpitated fast,
Few minutes more
And I won’t last!

Solitary and dead terrified,
I had every reason
To turn off, then,
The wretched television.

Karma Thukten
25th November, 2010

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