Monday, June 28, 2010


Together we watched the sun set,
Together defied academic laws,
Together, mocked at people
Over their silly flaws.

Together we greeted seasons in,
Together merrily sang aloud,
Together, we learnt
Day in, day out!

Together in agony we wept,
Together worked as a part,
Together we soothed
A broken heart!

Together teachers turned us sagacious,
Together hardships we resisted,
Together always, we stayed,
As though loneliness never existed!

Togetherness has become our habit,
Be it to listen or to talk,
But now, as you would go away
We would forget even to walk.

The chairs upon which you sat once,
Vacant later, we may find,
But you shall be missed,
Loved and thought always in our mind.

Deserting the place you would leave,
Poor me, gifts I have not,
But words expressing my love,
For words are all I have got.

We shall pray for thy success,
Almighty deprive thee of pain
And a time more
Bring us together again.

Karma Thukten