Sunday, September 19, 2021

Naturally Beautiful

O! Beautiful bodacious angel!

Dancing in the air,

Naturally graceful, naturally elegant,

Majestically Painted with flair.

She hasn’t done her eye lashes,

Bleached to accentuate feather colour

Or whitened her visage,

The beautiful European Roller.

She isn’t buxom,

She hasn’t worn a wig,

She dazzles with her radiance

Perched on a squishy twig.

She needs no fancy apparel

and put on some ultra high heels,

 Her beauty isn’t to coax

Cockerels to pay the bills.

You don’t expend resources

To look like a tart,

You were innately glowing

Right from the start.

You’re naturally beautiful

You don’t need no beauty parlour

And if of my words, you don’t buy

Remember her, the European Roller!

Karma Thukten

19th of September, 2021

Maokhola Outpost, Gelephu

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